Things to keep in mind before your first trip to Norway

Are you a traveler? Well, even if you’ve visited one country in your lifetime, you’re a traveler. People love to travel and open themselves to newer dimensions and better, bigger places that they’ve never seen before. This is the passion of the journey that

Five Must-See Destinations in Norway

As a traveler, the one place that seemed to me as the closest to the term “Heaven on Earth” it was Norway. It’s a beautiful country in the north that provides you a blend of both history and natural beauty. The country hosts almost

How to take a trip to Norway on a Budget

People describe me as a travel lover and truth be told they aren’t wrong. However, people think that I’m a very wealthy guy just because I’m able to afford these trips around the world, and that’s completely false. How’s that possible? Well, it’s possible

The trick to working in Norway

The internet, newspapers, magazines and other informational sources will highlight various social, political, and moral issues for you, but very few will try to offer a solution for it. The internet is filled with data about the unemployment rate in Norway, reasons for not